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Mary owns and runs a small bakery with the help of three staff members. As mornings are the most demanding time of the day, Mary needs all the help she can get from her staff; especially from her baker. Unfortunately, the baker had gotten into the habit of coming in late, and despite Mary’s several warnings, could not perform optimally and practice better punctuality. As a result of the lack of improvement, Mary reluctantly fired the baker.

taxshopmuizenberg-payrollproAs expected, the said baker decided to take matters into his own hands and approached the CCMA (Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration) with allegations against his previous employers. These allegations included not being paid according to legislation, as well as demands for unreasonable overtime.

Mary had not kept any records or documentation of her staff management. Not only did she not keep any record of the staff member’s sick days and leave days, but – worst of all – she had no documentation to prove that she had issued adequate warnings (verbal and written) prior to firing the staff member. Without any documentation to stand in her defence, Mary knew she was in trouble.

The costs relating to staff are often the most expensive in most organisations. At the Tax Shop Muizenberg we advise our small business and entrepreneur clients to make use of our online software – PayrollPRO to regulate the typically complicated payroll functions. Our online platform allows organisations to record salaries and wages in a way which is easy to use, cost-efficient and compliant with all legal and tax (SARS) requirements.

The Benefits of Using PayrollPRO:

Track staff leave days and overtime
The software also has the functionality to track staff leave periods, sick days and other important days of absence (i.e. Family Responsibility Leave). With this, disputes are a thing of the past because all documentation is available online. Also, data such as overtime hours can easily be calculated and logged.

Login accounts for relevant staff members can be set up with ease
The business owner has access to the online platform that allows them to survey all of these on-goings, and too, the staff members are given access details to check days worked, and even to apply for leave online by themselves. Once an employee is listed on the platform – by simply creating a profile, loading details and assigning a password –  payslips can be issued with a few simple clicks.

24/7 access
As the online platform is a web-based package, no additional software needs to be installed, and it is accessible 24/7 from any location in the world (this is great as the business owner is able to access the records even while on holiday).

No need for a paper trail
As a record is kept of each document passed through the system, there is no need for external physical paperwork or to keep regular backups.

Submissions to SARS
Through PayrollPRO submitting monthly EMP201s is quick and easy. Payroll data can be exported for import into SARS E@SYFILE (for EMP501 submissions).

Submissions to the Department of Labour
Through PayrollPRO, the Tax Shop Muizenberg automatically submits electronic UI-19 declarations to the Department of Labour. This is at no extra cost to employers.

Human Resource management
More than just a payroll system, PayrollPRO offers a human resource management system, while allows employers to keep a record of leave for employees in accordance with government requirements.

Additional Benefits of PayrollPRO:

  1. Important documents are stored through PayrollPRO such as employee contracts and other important documentation such as garnishee orders
  2. Incident management to record disciplinary issues
  3. Payroll data can be analysed through powerful cloud analytics tools
  4. Performance evaluation to facilitate the setting of salary packages
  5. Timesheet facility for employees to capture their hours directly and then to be approved by management
  6. PayrollPRO includes a mass update functionality. Through this, you can quickly increase all employees’ salaries with a fixed percentage by a simple click of a button

At the Tax Shop Muizenberg, we strive to make business dealings easy for our clients. We aim to help streamline business proceedings and make use of excellent software for a small cost. If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur and could make use of the benefits of an online tracking system such as PayrollPRO, contact the Tax Shop Muizenberg today.

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