Tax Shop Muizenberg offers a range of professional services, catering to the financial and business needs of our clients. Here are some of the services we currently offer:

Tax Returns and Advice

From filing tax returns for business or individual taxpayers to advice on PAYE and consulting on our clients’ tax situations, Tax Shop Muizenberg will assist you at every step of the way.

Our tax consultants are skilled, qualified, and highly motivated to assist you with any tax-related issue – we consult to businesses and individuals, and are able to assist first-time taxpayers in registering for tax numbers and filing their first tax returns, if necessary.

Payroll and Pay Slips

We use the innovative PayrollPro software to streamline our clients’ payroll systems, making it easier to manage existing payments to staff members and allowing your business to grow without your payroll becoming a hassle or a drain on your time and resources.

Tax Shop Muizenberg also consults with business on the effectiveness of their payroll systems, analysing the company’s finances to find ways of making each client’s payments more efficient.


Taxshop Muizenberg provides its clients with full-service bookkeeping and accounting services, creating an efficient set of books that allow business owners to track sales, revenue, and expenses and improve their cash flow and profits each financial year.

Using the Smartedge system, we manage our clients’ accounts, analysing each month’s performance and giving advice to business owners on how their cash flow and revenue can be optimised.

BEE Compliance

Tax Shop Muizenberg is able to assist companies in becoming BEE compliant, through consultations and business strategy advice. We are committed to transformation and are glad to assist any business which is in the process of becoming BEE compliant.

Company Registrations

Tax Shop Muizenberg offers a company registration service for new entrepreneurs as well as established business owners who would like to restructure their businesses or expand into new sectors of the market. Our company registration process takes the hassle out of opening a new business.

Communication with Regulators

We provide our clients with the relevant information for dealing with government regulators, including SARS, the UIF and many more. Our clients can rest assured that they are acting within the limits of the law while running their businesses competitively.