Why Tax Practitioners should be SAIT-Registered

sait tax professionals

Like all professions, tax practitioners are expected to provide their clients with the best possible advice and information at all times. To ensure that tax practitioners serve their clients to the best of their ability, SARS requires that they be registered with a professional body – the South African Institute of Tax Practitioners, or SAIT.

Any tax practitioner working in South Africa today needs to have the required qualifications and on-going training to provide top-quality advice to their clients. Registering with SAIT ensures that your tax practitioner is qualified, competent, and fully aware of the latest changes to the country’s tax laws – this helps to ensure that you receive the best possible advice on your taxes.

Before you consult with a tax practitioner, take the time to find out whether they are SAIT-registered. SAIT membership is a strong indication that the person has a thorough knowledge of their field and considering that they are dealing with your taxes, you’ll have greater peace of mind and confidence in their advice.

Our Tax Practitioners are SAIT Registered

Tax Shop Muizenberg takes pride in offering the best possible taxation advice to our clients. In keeping with this commitment, all of our tax practitioners are registered with SAIT. In order to register, each member of our team was required to submit their qualifications and proof of experience in the industry to SAIT, who assessed each case individually.

Once a tax practitioner is approved by SAIT, they are required to abide by a code of professional practice and update themselves on the taxation system regularly – this means that our team is aware of the latest changes to the tax codes and other legislation.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with tax advice that will save them money and make their dealing with SARS transparent and hassle free, and we strongly believe that our SAIT-registered tax professionals will give you and your business the best possible advice.

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