The Tax Shop Muizenberg Team

The Tax Shop Muizenberg team is led by registered Tax Practitioners Coby Windvogel and Nico Kleynhans, who are available for consultations on all tax-related issues. Coby, Nico and their team of five financial services professionals provide clients with the highest-quality advice and consultations.

With over 15 years of experience in the retail industry, Coby completed his Management Diploma as part of a five-year management training programme and became a registered member of the Institute of Chartered Bookkeepers (ICB). He is currently a SAIT-registered Tax Practitioner and brings a wealth of knowledge to his role at Tax Shop Muizenberg. Coby is on hand to consult on all matters relating to accounting and bookkeeping, tax returns, and financial management, working with our clients to help them succeed.

Nico Kleynhans has 25 years’ experience as a Certified Financial Planner ®. In terms of Tax Legislation he has achieved the status of General Tax Practitioner (SA) ™. He also has a Diploma in Financial Management which he achieved Cum Laude. Nico brings a unique skill in being licenced to offer financial advice to those entrepreneurs who require financial strategy changes to their business.

The Tax Shop Muizenberg team is dedicated to providing the best advice to our local clients, drawing on the wealth of knowledge that is available to us from the Tax Shop group. Our commitment to serving each client with personalised service and a keen interest in their success is what motivates us to provide the best possible advice to every business and individual who makes use of our services.

About The Tax Shop Group

The Tax Shop is a nationwide franchise group, with branches in all areas of South Africa. Our network of dedicated financial professionals as well as the size of our organisation allows us to provide high-quality financial services at competitive prices.

We are committed to providing a variety of services that allow our clients to address their business and personal finance needs with us, under one roof. In so doing, we aim to save our clients time and money by offering a one-stop financial consulting solution for individuals and businesses alike.

As a local consulting business with a national footprint, The Tax Shop strives to maintain the highest standards in the advice and services we offer, working closely with our clients to help them achieve even greater success.